Replacement Services

Some things just can’t be fixed, so call the experts

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Whole house plumbing replacement services

At Greater Edmonton Plumbing we have over 25 years experience in residential repairs and renovations. If you are experiencing a major problem in your home such as leaking water lines, poor water pressure, broken or collapsed drain lines, plugged vents or cracks in your cast iron pipes. We can expertly handle any project in your home big or small. Call us for a free quote.

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Furnace and Hot-water Tank Replacements

We are not just a plumbing company we can also do complete replacements of your home furnace to ensure efficiency for your heating bill, warmth for your home in our cold Canadian winters. Full hot water tank replacements are also our specialty. As hot water tanks age they begin run less efficiently and can start leaking, remember to call Greater Edmonton Plumbing for fast, affordable and professional service.

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Kitchen Plumbing Replacements and Services

The kitchen is the center of your home. It’s the place where food is prepared and families gather. Upgrading your kitchen or keeping the plumbing in good working order is essential to enjoying your home and families time together. Get in touch with us before planning that kitchen upgrade or starting your renovations.

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Bathroom replacement services & Renovations

One of the biggest and most common problem areas for plumbing in any home is in the bathroom. Our service tech’s can ensure your bathroom plumbing is up to spec to prevent and messy situations, water damage or for fast permanent solutions to those unexpected disasters!

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